Joe Tretinik Consulting

The computer tune up is very important to allow your computer(s) to
run effectively. The tune up is more then just a check up. We will
also install anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-adware, software to
your computer(s). A software firewall will also be installed. Here is
a list of the tasks that are performed during a computer tune up:

- Computer inspection

- Perform a health check on each computer that includes hard disk,
system memory, communications and other general hardware and
software checks.

- Install and check for virus, spyware, ad-ware on the computer

- Check and update Windows Updates on all computers

- Set up administrator passwords on all computers

NOTE: If virues and/or other problems are found and removed. The
computer may require reinstallation of software on the computer. This
could include a reinstall of the operating system.
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